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Wizzy Blaze (Swe)

Wizzy Blaze (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal
Sweden (


1985 - XXXX

Anders "Jönne / John Royce" Jönsson - Vocals, Bass (Syron Vanes, Aces High, Eyes)
Rickard "Rick Mortson / Martins" Mårtensson - Guitar
Erik "Rix Volin" Briselius - Bass (High Level, Syron Vanes)
Jörgen "Stanley" Olsson - Drums  (Machinegun Kelly, Nasty Idols)

Former / Past Members
Dick Qwarfort - Bass (Syron Vanes, Nasty Idols)
George "Jojje" Swanson - Drums (Nasy Idols)
Ola Nilsson - Manager R.I.P.
Originally created under the name of SYRINX in 1983 adopting the title WIZZY BLAZE in 1985.

Anders Jönsson, Erik Briselius and Dick Qwarfort have all been members of SYRON VANES.
Drummer Jörgen Olsson later played with MACHINEGUN KELLY and NASTY IDOLS.
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