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Intruder (Swe)

Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Mörsil, Åre

1983 - 1986
Official Website

Ove Wulff - Guitar / Vocals (Mercenary Mustangs, Mighty Riff, Roadhouse)
Peter Nordman - Guitars (Mighty Riff)
Pär Norén - Drums (Mercenary Mustangs, Mighty Riff, Roadhouse)
Åke Mohlin - Bass


When MIGHTY RIFF split up the two MERCENARY MUSTANG members Klaes-Ove Wulff and Pär Noren started to jam with bass player Åke Mohlin. Mr Mohlin was a fan of the harder wave of English and Swedish metal that had been blossoming during the last years. He forced Wulff and Noren to write and play harder material then ever before and together they formed INTRUDER in 1983. The band recorded a few tracks on a borrowed Tascam Porta recorded and two tracks where released by Pang Records in 1984 on a compilation album called ‘Mixed Music For Lonely Nights’.

The band went on a break when the members had to do their military service but were back for another demo in 1985. Their last gig was played in 1986 at Racklövska school and after that Ove Wulff moved to Gothenburg. However he returned back to Mörsil in Jämtland in 1987 and hooked up with his old mate Pär Noren and this time around they started to play in a blues cover band called ROADHOUSE that did rather well. However after a few years the music started to become less bluesy and more melodic so the band decided to change name. ROADHOUSE became MERCENARY MUSTANG in 1990 a melodic hardrock act.
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