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Mercenary Mustangs (Swe)

Mercenary Mustangs (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (

Östersund, Mörsil

1990 - 1993
Official Website
Ove Wulff - Vocals, Guitar (Intruder, Mighty Riff, Riff, Roadhouse)
Per-Erik Karlsson - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (JB:s Wiretag Band)
Micke Jönsson - Bass (The Humbuggers)
Pär Norén - Drums (Intruder, Mighty Riff, Roadhouse)

Features members from MIGHTY RIFF, ROADHOUSE and INTRUDER.

When ROADHOUSE  started to become less bluesy and more melodic the band decided to change name. ROADHOUSE became MERCENARY MUSTANG in 1990 a melodic hardrock act. The band recorded several demos and got one track called "Judy Go Round" onto a local compilation cd in 1991 entitled 'Nordic Sounds Volume 2' they also made a live recording for the Swedish Radio P3 Live Umeå. The band released the 7" single 'Some Kind of Madness / Rund and Hide' on the small label John Records in 1990. They also recorded a song at Stockholm Recording Studios entitled "What Will Happen" the same year. MERCENARY MUSTANGS split up in 1993 but would later reappear in 1994 with the new guitarist Anders Fundin under the name of ORANGE DISASTER that lasted until 1996.

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