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Li Brains (Swe)

Li Brains (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Rock / Rock / Funk
Sweden (

Hedemora? / Norrköping?

Annelie Herre - Vocals
Krister Pettersson - Vocals, Drums
Håkan Jansson - Bass
Stefan Pettersson - Guitar (Marshal Kane?)
Roberth "Robban" Ekholm - Guitar (Bacon)
A melodic/funk rock band with both female and male vocalists. The band released a single on the Uppsala based Pärla Records label in 1983. Robban Eklholm are today a producer at his own studio Fat Guitar in Sågmyra. He have produced albums for bands such as Mimikry, Sky High, Spiritual Beggars, Svenne Rubins, etc.
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