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- Early Demos?
- Demo, 1993
- Ready or Not, EP 1998
- Unlimited Love, 2000
- Lost In Vain, 2003
- Laudamus, Compilation 2006

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Laudamus (Swe)

Laudamus (Swe)
Band Info
Christan Melodic / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1986 - present
Official Website
Peter Stenlund (1986-present) - Vocals, Guitar (Autumn Lords, Reach Out, Mind's Eye, Expanders, P-Rex)
Jonas Stenlund (1994-present) - Bass, Vocals (Arons Skägg?, Chained, Reach Out)
Anders Wigenstam (2008-present) - Drums, Vocals
Ellinor Stenlund - Keyboard, Vocals (P-Rex)
Former / Past Members
Stefan Berg (1992-1994, 2007) - Guitars (Zero Zone?, Autumn Lords, Reach Out, Mind's Eye, Tower of Stone, Meduza)
Fredrik Burström (1986-1994) - Bass (Autumn Lords, Mind's Eye)
Pelle Johansson (1986-1992) - Bass (La Guerre?)
Marcus Nyström (1995-1997, 2007) - Drums
Anders Sandlund (1986-1994) - Drums
Jonas Cederteg (1997-2005) - Drums, Vocals
Göran Norberg (1995-1997) - Keyboards
Anneli Storå/Stenlund (1986-1994) - Keyboards
Joakim "Jocke" Axelsson (1998-2001) - Keyboards
Ed Roth - Guest Keyboards (Driver, Impellitteri, Fates Warning (live), Burning Rain (live))
Philip Bardowell - Guest Backing Vocals
Ken Tamplin - Guest Backing Vocals (Joshua Perahia, Angelica)
Piteå based Christian Hard Rock act. LAUDUMUS, then including guitarist Stefan Berg, opened proceedings with the April 1992 single 'Be There Forever'. Fredrik Burström would then enroll on bass for the follow up EP 'Ready Or Not'. However, following a December 1993 demo featuring the tracks 'Realise' and 'Until The End', LAUDUMUS went into hiatus. The Stenlund brothers, Peter and Jonas, together with Berg and Micke Linné, founded the REACH OUT project.

LAUDUMUS regrouped during 1995, installing new members keyboard player Göran Norberg and Marcus Nyström on the drums. This version of the band gigged in 1997, after which Jonas Cederteg took over the drum position and Jocke Axelsson came in to contribute keyboards. LAUDUMUS' debut album 'Unlimited Love' saw issue in December of 1999.

The second LAUDAMUS album, July 2003's 'Love In Vain', would be recorded in Costa Mesa, California under the guidance of former SHOUT singer KEN TAMPLIN acting as producer. An array of special guest performers included ex-MEGADETH guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN, singer extraordinaire JEFF SCOTT SOTO of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and TALISMAN repute, ex-IMPELLITTERI singer BOB ROCK, former EUROPE guitarist Kee Marcello and Matthias Eklund of FREAK KITCHEN. By this juncture LAUDUMUS was operating as a core trio of Peter Stenlund, Jonas Cedertag and Jonas Stenlund.
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