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- Audioline Studio, 3tr Demo, 1990
- Studio Kick! Demo, 1991
- Demos, 1992

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Motor City Madhouse (Swe)

Motor City Madhouse (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (


1989 - 1995
Steven Clark Williams - Vocals
Håkan Tyresten - Guitar (Suborn, Avskum, Dead Corruption, Slaskfittorna, The Afghans)
Johan "Snoken" Nääs - Guitar (Kordon)
Jarle Strand - Bass (Easter Bunnys (Nor), Suicide Pilots (Nor))
Stefan "Pyri" Tyresten - Drums (Love Injection, Avskum, Dead Corruption, Adrian Cuba)
Former / Past Members
Krister Tångring - Vocals (Allegori 2000, Kärleksbarn)
MCM was a garage/hard rock band from Kristinehamn formed in autumn 1989 by Jarle Strand, Stefan Nääs, Stefan "Pyri" Tyresten and his cousin Håkan Tyresten. The band was later joined by vocalist Krister Tångring. MCM recorded their first demo (3tr) in september 1990 at Audioline Studio, Arvika. It was followed up with a second demo recorded in 1991 at Studio Kick!, Karlstad. The band liked the result and decided to travel to Oslo to record a MLP. They spent a week at Warehouse Studios with Svein Solberg (Russian AmCar Club, Schweinhund etc) and Torgeir Kaasa (Femi Gange) as producers. The result was the 12" MLP 'What's Buggin' You?' released 1991 on the bands own label Tünt Säu Records.

Krister Tångring decided to stay in Oslo and was replaced with the new zealander Steven Clark Williams in 1992. The new line-up recorded a couple of more demos, and later, in may 1993 went into Sunlight Studios, Stockholm to cut the CD single 'Wirehead / Putrefly' with Tomas Skogsberg as producer. The opening track "Wirehead" was made into a music video filmed at Bootleg, Oslo, Norway. It was aired a couple of time on Per Dahlbergs tv-show Hurra!, Swedish Television (SVT). The band also had some live appearances in Oslo aired on TV-Norge. MCM attended the first Arvika Festivalen (1992) and also opened for MOTÖRHEAD in dec 1994 at Bergslagshallen, Karlskoga. Even though the band had recieved some fame they decided to split the following year. Some members continued as SUBURN and cut a demo in 1995.

Trivia: The band was named after the Ted Nugent song "Motor City Madhouse" - not because they were fan of the band, but because of how the city was and looked at the time with EPA tractors and "raggare" blocking traffic etc.
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