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Margoth & The Jabs (Swe)

Margoth & The Jabs (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Heavy Metal

Danderyd, Stockholm

Official Website
Margoth - Vocals
Per Alpne - Guitar (Mrbyligan, East-West, ke Bylund Band)
Roger Jonsson - Bass (Mrbyligan, ke Bylund Band)
ke Bylund - Drums, Vocals (Mrbyligan, East-West, Chilly Chimes, ke Bylund Band) R.I.P. (1948 - 2005)
Tomas "Json" Stendius - Drums (Mrbyligan)
MARGOTH & THE JABS was a project by MRBYLIGAN based in Danderyd, Stockholm. ke wanted to make an english version of "Den Mktige Thor" and this resulted in a 7" single with guest vocalist Margoth (last name?) released on the Audivision label in 1988. JABS are the last names of the 4 MRBYLIGAN musicians (Jonsson, Alpne, Bylund & Stendius).
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