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Network (US)

Network (US)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Melodic / Hard Rock / AOR

Los Angeles, California

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Anette Ax Richardsdotter - Vocals (Anette Ax)
Michael Thompson - Guitar (Anette Ax (guest))
Cliff Hugo - Bass (Anette Ax (guest), John Holm)
Henry Newmark - Drums (Anette Ax (guest))
Larry Wolff - Keyboards (Anette Ax (guest))
Rich Eames - Piano (Anette Ax (guest))
Not to be confused with Network (Halmstad).

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia

Anette was born in the far north of Sweden, in Lappland. She made her AOR rocking debut single in 1987, followed by another one in Swedish, with two cery cheesy pop songs that do not qualify into the book on their own. However, in 1989 she went to the US and recorded a single and album with an all American line-up, featuringg George Marinelli (g), Michael Thompson (g), Larry Wolf (k), Cliff Hugo (b) and John Molo (d). The single was actually released under the band name Network, but has a sticker saying Anette Ax on it. The subsequent singles are in the same style. Anette is also mother of Per Ax, drummer of Excruciate.
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