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Reazon (Swe)

Reazon (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (

Valbo, Gävle

1987 - 1989 (reformed 2006)
Official Website

Magnus Lindqvist - Vocals, Piano (Evening Star, Elevener)
Staffan Forsell - Guitar, Keyboard, Choir
Göran Eriksson - Guitar, Choir (Evening Star)
Jörgen Ahr - Bass
Janne Murén - Drums (Evening Star)

Formed 1987. Recorded a couple of demos and played about 30 gigs. REAZON won a local competition in Bollnäs and the first prize was the recording of a 7" single. The band split in 1989 but reformed in 2006 and recorded a CD with re-recorded single tracks + 5 new songs. Magnus, Janne & Göran are today active in the band EVENING STAR.
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