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Ramm (Swe)

Ramm (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (

Bjurholm, Västerbotten

1984 (as Victory) - 1992
Leif Grabbe - Vocals (Angeline, Ultimate, Aztronomica, Shade of Grey, Turn The Page, Heel (g), Nocturnal Rites (g))
Marcus Elisson - Guitar (Freak Out, Heel)
Magnus Öberg - Bass (Freak Out, Boogart, Heel)
Anders Jansson - Drums (Freak Out, Boogart, Pererix, Heel (g))
Richard Öberg - Keyboards (Heel)
Former / Past Members
Peter Öberg - Vocals
Gerhard Stenlund - Drums (Boogart, Breather, Brand New Bag, Rickfors, Johannes Nordström, Heel (g))
Formed in 1984 as VICTORY by Magnus Öberg, Richard Öberg and Marcus Elisson. They later recruited drummer Anders Jansson after seeing him play at a school-graduation. They only played instrumental songs at this point. In 1986 the name was changed to RAMM and Richard took on the vocal duites. They did a gig at UG and played songs such as "Underground", "Straight Up From Hell" and a cover of Dio "The Last In Line". Some time later they invited Peter Öberg as their new vocalist after hearing him sing  "Bruce Springsteen - Down to the River" in the schools assembly hall. In 1989 the band attended "Norrlandsrock" (with Jacob Samuel of The Poodles in the jury). The cover of "Abba - King Kong Song" and their own song "I Am You Are" led them to victory. This resulted in the recording of the single  'I Am You Are / The Only Way' in autumn 1989.

Peter left the band in 1990 and Leif Grabbe took over the mike. Another rock band competition was held in Umeå and RAMM reached the finals in Norra Latin, Stockholm. They performed songs songs like "Save Your Love" and "I Won't Play Your Game". This was followed by some gigs in Sorsele, Nordmaling, Norrmejerier, Galaxen, Mariehemsgården, and some radio.

In 1990-1991 Marcus went to Hollywood to improve and study the guitar's noble art at Musicians Institutes GIT.
During his vacation from school in spring 1992, RAMM went into Garageland studio in Umeå and recorded a demo with songs such as "Evil Days", "Turn Your Back On Me" and "Blood Sacrifice". This was probably the best thing they've done, but Marcus absence split the band. Leif moved to Stockholm and Rickard had lost the urge to play (he was the musical driving force). Marcus, Magnus and Anders took matters into their own hands. They tried some singers but later decided that Marcus will take on the task!.

In 1993 Anders does military service. Magnus get's the job as bassist in BOOGART (dance band) and Anders guitar in PERERIX (also a dance band). Marcus appearances in PERERIX however, only lasted a few months. Magnus later recruited him to BOOGART.

Viking, Gerhard and some other guys who have previously played in BOOGART and PERERIX started cover bands and played in pubs and discos. This attracted and inspired Magnus and Marcus to start their own cover bands, and who would play drums unless Anders. The summer was spent in the rehearsal room to practice in about 50 songs with their rock/cover band FREAK OUT. The band were well received in many places across the country. Kiruna, Haparanda, Piteå, Skellefteå, Wilhelmina, Övik, Sundsvall, Hudiksvall, Gävle, Söderhamn, Stockholm and everything in between. They also played for 20 years in arow at the summer day in Bjurholm. FREAK OUT disbanded in 1998 due to changed family circumstances.

Several years later (in 2003), Marcus Elisson and David Henriksson formed HEEL (HE - HENRIKSSON, EL - ELISSON). They also recruited the former members of RAMM; Richard & Magnus Öberg. David Henriksson is well known for his great vocal work with the Swedish power metal sensation INSANIA where he fronted the band for several years and released two albums. He was also former member of DEEP SEA who shared the same rehearsal room as RAMM (basement of a local Bjurholms-store).

Several guests can be found on HEEL's albums: Anders Zackrisson the original vocalist of GOTHAM CITY, NOCTURNAL RITES etc, and former RAMM members Gerhard Stenlund, Anders Jansson & Leif Grabbe.

Magnus Öberg
Incredible bassplayer grew up as a  neighbour to Marcus they started to play guitar the same year `84 but when Ramm needed someone on the bass Magnus switched. Later on formed Freak Out with Marcus and Anders. Played with all kind of different people Brolle Jr, Carolina Miskovsky, Roger Pontare, Fredrik Fagerlund, Freak Out, Boogart, Watson, Third Stone, Micke Hujanen, Burn. Now studing to be a dentist - What a waste of talent!!

Rikard Öberg
Brother to Magnus Öberg friend to Marcus since they where kids. Started playing piano at the age of 9 not many years later he started writing his own music and proved to have great talent. Was the driving force in Ramm. Works a as a church musician and I asure you, you have never heard the full potential of a church organ until you`ve heard this guy.

Gerhard Stenlund
Mikael Rickfors, Johannes Nordström, Breather, Three minute madness. When Marcus got to know him he played in a band called Brand new bag. Marcus sometimes substituted for their original Guitar virtuose Jonas Lindberg.

Anders Jansson
Anders, Magnus and Marcus have been playing togehter for twentythree years. They toured with Freak Out for several years.

Leif Grabbe
Long time friend of the band who loves to sing. Joined Ramm in 1990 Originally sang on the songs Rickard composed. Now has some hardrocktrubadur gigs with some old friends.
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