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Rabalder (Swe)

Rabalder (Swe)
Band Info
Powerpop / Melodic Rock
Sweden (

Täby, Stockholm

1983 - 1985
Staffan Öfwerman - Vocals, Keyboard (Stilmord, Roxette, The Breeze, Nattugglorna,  Zzaj, Suzzies Orkester, Grand Pop Station)
Rolf "Rock'n Rolf" Lindkvist - Guitar (Stilmord)
Björn "H.T.B.M." Wennerberg - Bass (Stilmord, Oddjob)
Linus "C." Torell - Drums (Stilmord)
Helge Rån - Backing Vocals (Stilmord)
Same members as STILMORD playing under a new name. The single "Dina Ögon" was no success and sold only in 17 copies. They continued as a band for a year longer but changed style to funk music inspired by Level 42.
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