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Standby (Swe)

Standby (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Hard Rock / Rock
Sweden (


1977 - XXXX
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Carola Häggkvist - Vocals (Carola, Tre Tjejer, Johnson & Häggkvist, Per-Erik Hallin)
Anders Aldrin - Vocals, Guitar
Pontus Holmgren - Guitar (Pontus & Amerikanerna)
Benny Andersson - Bass
Johan Norgren - Drums (Pontus & Amerikanerna, Ace of Base, Robert Broberg, 9T9, Chaim, In De Betou, Legacy of Sound, Lena Philipsson, TTF (guest))
Former / Past Members
Göran Elmquist (Bam Bam Boys, Dream Bank, Pontus & Amerikanerna, Alfonzetti, Agnes, etc)
STANDBY (or STAND BY) was a Swedish hard rock band active in the early 1980s with Carola (vocals), Anders Aldrin (guitar and vocals), Pontus Holmgren (guitar), Benny Andersson (bass) and Johan Norgren (drums).

The band was formed around 1977 as BORN 64. Two of the members studied at Adolf Fredriks Music School were they met Carola (14 years old). In the beginning they rehearsed at a day care center in Mälarhöjden. The band  participated with five tracks on the compilation album 'Vågrätt Samliv (1981)' published by Rosa Honung. Carola was only 14 years old when she sang in STANDBY and was also in another band "TRE TJEJER" who had a softer tempo, she was also very careful about her voice, and did not want to sing with the band two nights in a row, so finally Carola left STANDBY and explained that she wanted to sing something more advanced. The guys in the band became irritated and said sarcastically "you think you're so clever." but Carola showed them that it was just what she was. Carola played 20 concerts with STANDBY and the last was in Mälarhöjden May 6, 1981.

When she became famous in 1983, Rosa Honung released a LP with the songs that were featured on "Vågrätt Samliv" and five new songs that Anders Aldrin sang, neither Carola or her former record company manager Bert Karlsson was very happy about the the album, and Carola's name was obviously printed much larger and more visible this time "Standby with Carola Häggkvist". The album was printed with two different covers in 1983 and 1984. STANDBY also released the single 'Boys & Girls / Fire Escape (1983)', with Anders Aldrin on vocals and three songs on the collection 'Pärlor Från Rosa Honung (1983)'. Rosa Honung re-released the STANDBY LP in 1998 in CD format with new cover and the title "Carola - Standby". Three unreleased songs with Carola was  included as bonuses ("Vara Mé", "Färgblind" and "Snacket Det Går").

Pontus Holmgren was in the 90's singer and front person in PONTUS & AMERIKANERNA. Johan Norgren have played with acts like ACE OF BASE, LENA PHILIPSSON, 9T9 and LEGACY OF SOUND. He is the brother of guitarist Pontus Norgren of HAMMERFALL and THE POODLES.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Stand By are a decent melodic rock/hard rock band, with high quality vocals. The album was recorded in 1981 and 1983, but released after Carola went famous through her victory in Swedish Eurovision Song Contest final. Carolas solo albums are teen-pop with a touch of gospel and soul, except for the odd AOR-tune. Stand By was formed around 1977. They were rehearsing at a daycare centre at Mälarhöjden in Stockholm, when Carola walked in on a Sunday and took the guys by storm. As her pop career started to grow, she and the band found it best to part ways. Anders took over the mike and the style turned into more slick and pop-oriented rock. The albums are a mix of both. Göran Elmquist (later in Bam Bam Boys, Dream Bank) was also in the band for almost a year. Pontus was later in the pop band Pontus & Amerikanerna. Johan has been backing bands such as Ace of Base, Lena Philipsson and Legacy of Sound. He is brother of Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall, Talisman, Great King Rat etc). After the album Carola went solo and the last 7" was recorded without her. The band has 5 tracks on the compilation 'Vågrätt Samliv' and an unreleased track on the compilation 'Pärlor', both on Rosa Honung Records.

Carola Bio:
Carola Maria Häggkvist (born 8 September 1966), better known as simply Carola, is a Swedish singer and occasional songwriter. She has been among Sweden's most popular performers since the early 1980s, and has released albums ranging from pop and disco to hymns and folk music. Her debut album, Främling, sold around one million copies and remains the biggest-selling album in Swedish music history. She has also worked as a songwriter. During her 25-year long career, she has recorded many top-selling albums and singles and is referred to as Sweden's most prominent female singer. Some of her biggest hits include Främling (English: Stranger) from 1983, Tommy tycker om mig (Tommy likes me) from 1984, Fångad av en stormvind (Captured by a Lovestorm) from 1991, All the Reasons to Live from 1992, I Believe in Love from 2001, Genom allt (Through it all) from 2005 and Evighet (Eternity) from 2006.

In 1981, Swedish music promoter Bert Karlsson met Häggkvist after she performed on television series Hylands hörna, and offered her the chance to take part in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982. She turned down the offer. Songwriter Lasse Holm offered Häggkvist two of his songs for Melodifestivalen 1983, "Mona Lisa" and "Främling" ("Stranger"). "Främling" was chosen, and with it Häggkvist won the right to represent Sweden at that year's Eurovision Song Contest, in Munich. The song scored eight points, the highest possible mark, from all eleven juries. Häggkvist represented Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest 1983 on 23 April. She finished third in front of 6.1 million Swedish television viewers, 84% of the country's population. This is still a record in Sweden.

"Främling" became the title track to Häggkvist's debut album, which sold over one million copies, making it the biggest selling album in Swedish history. After Eurovision, Häggkvist embarked on a tour of European television programmes, promoting "Främling", and performing in it several languages: in English as "Love Isn't Love", in German as "Fremder", and in Dutch as "Je ogen hebben geen geheimen". The album contained hits like Mickey, Liv, Gloria and Tokyo. In December 1983, she released her first Christmas album: Julefrid med Carola. which sold in 200,000 copies. In 1984, Häggkvist release two top-selling pop/rock albums which together sold over 1 million copies. Tommy tycker om mig became a huge hit in Sweden, together with Hunger. She later travelled to Japan and recorded a single in Japanese. In 1985, Bee Gees collaborated with her on the album Runaway, which was written by the Gibb brothers and produced by Maurice Gibb. The record sold double platinum when released in Sweden the following year.The Runaway, Brand New Heart, Spread your wings and Radiate became massive hits in Scandinavia. In 1987, Häggkvist embarked on a church tour with pianist Per-Erik Hallin. After this followed a career hiatus for the singer.

Häggkvist has represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest on three occasions: in 1983, finishing third; in 1991, winning the contest; and in 2006, finishing fifth. Which makes her one of the artists with the best track record in Eurovision history. More info at:
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