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Syrus (Swe)

Syrus (Swe)
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Melodic Metal
Sweden (


19XX - 1989
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Fredrik Persson - Vocals
Daniel Engström - Guitars
Mikael Forsberg - Guitars
Per Wallgren - Bass (Eureka)
Tobias Gustafsson - Drums (Eureka, Vomitory, God Among Insects, Torture Division, Timothy Griffiths' Psychedelic Sunrise, The Project Hate MCMXCIX)

SYRUS only release was the 1989 single 'Fortune and Fame / The Golden Void'. A song entitled "Noble Knight" was also recorded at this point which was supposed to be the B-side, however the majority wanted a ballad so 'The Golden Void' was added instead.

No demos was ever recorded, only some live material and videos exist. SYRUS disbanded in 1989 when Tobias Gustafsson joined his brother Urban Gustafsson along with Ronnie Olson to start VOMITORY.
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