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- Everything is Still the Same, Demo 1991
- Something is Wrong, Demo 1993
- Everything is Still the Same, MCD 1996

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Still the Same (Swe)

Still the Same (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Metal Punk
Sweden (


Mikael "Löken" Karlsson - Vocals (Rövsvett, 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna, Horse Laugh, I Recall Sin)
Joakim Richardsson - Guitar
Peter "Katten" Janzon - Guitar (Striker, Disfornicate, Turkish Revenge)
Jimmy "Jimpa" Karlsson - Bass (Palimpsest, Borderline, 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna, I Recall Sin, Forgotten Corners, Horselaugh, Disfornicate, Disgust, Groteska Grisar, Striker)
Conny Johansson - Drums (Borderline)
Former / Past Members
Fredrik Höglund - Guitar
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