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Scrooge (Swe)

Scrooge (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


ca 1982 - XXXX
Photos / Videos
Richard "Bax" Fehling - Vocals, Guitar (P (guest), Bad Habit, Mario Salazar, Bai Bang (guest))

Örjan Wallén - Guitar (Ö.M.T, Bai Bang (guest), Yellow Mellow (guest))

Jens Lundahl - Bass (Truth, Blakk Totem, Silver Seraph, Pete Sandberg)

Jaime Salazar - Drums (P, Raise Cain, Bad Habit, Moahni Moahna, Planet Alliance, Jorn, Allen - Lande, Midnight Sun, Reingold, Truth, Stonelake, Opus Atlantica, Karmakanic, Devil's Heaven, Diabolique, Last Tribe, Blakk Totem, Timeless Miracle, Free From Sin, MaryJet, The Tangent, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fal, Roine Stolt, The Flower Kings, Pete Sandberg, Floodgate, Pierce, Racetrack Babies, Aaron Springfield, Mario Salazar, Vilhelm Ersmark, Annika Frölander, Wennman, Jonas Hellborg Group, Bai Bang (guest), Peter Elmberg (guest)))

Peter "Pyrre" Nyrell - Keyboard (P, Mario Salazar)
Formed in the 70's under the name Deep Fire. After the split Jaime, Richard and Jens formed Scrooge. The first concert took place in 1982. Bax Fehling and Jaime Salazar was also in Bad Habit.

A Spanish interview from 1992 (just before their second tour to Chile) can be seen here:
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