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- Stench (1995)- Slave Under Time (199?)- Metal Hammer [Comp] (1995)- Palmrock -Trelleborgs Musikliv [Comp] (1995)

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Raise Cain (Swe)

 Raise Cain (Swe)
Band Info
Thrash Metal
Sweden (

Trelleborg, Malmö

1991 (christmas eve) - 1996 (christmas eve)
Official Website
Bo Florin - Lead Vocals (A.A.D. (Armed and Dangerous), 69-Hard)

Sven Cirnski - Guitar, Vocals (Projekt L.E.E, Overdrive, Locomotive Breath, Pagan, Bai Bang, Snake Charmer, Bad Habit, Jet Set Baby, Blakk Totem, Truth)

Mats Jeppsson - Bass, Comp Guitar, Vocals (A.A.D. (Armed and Dangerous), Projekt L.E.E, 69-Hard)

Bert Lundgren - Drums
Former / Past Members
Rodriguez Gomez - Guitars

Magnus Nilsson - Guitars (Exercise One?)

Jaime Salazar - Drums (Scrooge, P, Bad Habit, Moahni Moahna, Planet Alliance, Jorn, Allen - Lande, Midnight Sun, Reingold, Truth, Stonelake, Opus Atlantica, Karmakanic, Devil's Heaven, Diabolique, Last Tribe, Blakk Totem, Timeless Miracle, Free From Sin, MaryJet, The Tangent, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fal, Roine Stolt, The Flower Kings, Floodgate, Pierce, Racetrack Babies, Aaron Springfield, Mario Salazar, Vilhelm Ersmark, Annika Frölander, Wennman, Bai Bang (guest), Peter Elmberg (guest))

Anders Johansson - Drums
Raise Cain was formed in the end of 1991 by Bo and Mats and a few friends. They recorded a 7" single called "Crash´n´Burn" in 1992, which was released on their own label (Demolition Records). After this single, which got good reviews and resulted in the first live shows for the band, everything became more serious and resulted in several line-up changes as happen with most young bands. This time however things weren´t worked out as quickly as expected. Being extremely fed up with the then current situations Bo and Mats decided to move to the United States.

After spending six months in Los Angeles playing in various different bands, Bo and Mats returned to their native Sweden with re-loaded batteries. They had lots of material written while they were in L.A. and together with the original line-up with gutarplayer Sven Cirnski the band recorded a 6-track CD entitled "Call it whatever you want". This CD was released in early 1994 again on ther own label. The local success of the album allowed them to record a promo-video for the song "Can´t break me down"(which contains a Black & Decker drill solo!). After they finished a tour in Sweden the band recorded two demos which resulted in signing to Mascot Records.

By the end of 1994 Raise Cain entered the studio to record their debut album. In April of 1995 was the album "Stench" realesed in 23 countries. The video for the song "Burned my life" was showed on Viva, Z-TV and on as well as other different independent TV-stations. The band were also featured on a Metal Hammer Magazine complications album. The band started to play gigs in Sweden (they even supported John Norum at a gig for Hells Angels!). In June the begun a 19 dates tour in Eourope as special guest for B-Thong, wich took them to countries like France, the Netherlands and Belgium. After the tour Sven was asked to leave the band due to musical differences.

Back home in Sweden Bo, Mats and Bert were looking for a new guitarplayer, meanwhile Mats and Bo was producing different bands for a local complications album entitled "Palmrock". In January 1996 they found the right guitar player, Magnus Nilsson. Raise Cain played several gigs to find out if the guitar player filled the bands needs. In July of 1996 they seperated ways with Mascot Records due to different views to the music style and in the ways of marketing the records. By September the band already had recorded a pre-production tape, which contains over 20 brand new songs, written through July 1995 to September 1996. Hopefully in January 1997 the band are to begin record album number two "Slave under time" in one way or another. Their music can be described as solid and aggressive metal with som industrial vibes and brutal vocals. -
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