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Steel Arrows (Swe)

Steel Arrows (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Urban "Ubbe" Rydeslätt - Vocals (Case, Snakepit Rebels, Bang Bang, Blind System, Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings, Ultima Thule (guest))
Peter Sehlin - Guitar
Magnus Ericsson - Bass
Jocke Fleetwood - Drums
Nyköping act STEEL ARROWS released a private single and contributed with the songs "Love Is A Game" and "Man Of Loose" on the 'Klipp Rock (1987)' compilation.

Ubbe Rydeslätt have been in bands such as BLIND SYSTEM, CASE, BANG BANG and SNAKEPIT REBELS. He have also done guest vocals for ULTIMA THULE on the split album 'ULTIMA THULE / HEL - Genom Eld Och Aska - The Viking Spirit Lives On! (2000)'.

Ubbe runs the tattoo studio Almighty Ink.
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