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- Leader of the Gang 7" (1989) Dixie #DIXIES 151

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The Case (Swe)

The Case (Swe)
Band Info
Rock / AOR
Sweden (


Billy Nordström - Vocals
Håkan Zetterkvist - Guitar (Blind System)
Peter Persson - Bass
Former / Past Members
Urban "Ubbe" Rydeslätt - Vocals (Steel Arrows, Snakepit Rebels, Bang Bang, Blind System, Case, Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings, Ultima Thule (guest))
Åke Andersson - ?
Peter Sehlstedt  - ?
There could be 2 different groups with the name CASE, please get in touch if you have more info.

THE CASE was formed in the mid 80s and featured SNAKEPIT REBELS, STEEL ARROWS  mainman Ubbe Rydeslatt in the beginning. Ubbe Rydeslatt wrote and recorded the track "Look At Me Now" with guitarist Håkan Zetterkvist for the 1988 single but left the band before the single was recorded. Rydeslatt and Zetterkvist however would work together again in rock n roll punksters BLIND SYSTEM.

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