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- U Don't Have 2 B Rich, MC 1992 [#FAM 92-01]

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Surrender (Swe)

Surrender (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (

Fjärdhundra, Enköping

1988 - 1993
Nils "Nisse" Bielfeld - Vocals, Drums (Pär Lindh Project, R.F.P., Thrash Inc., Clench, Sixcoveredkisssongs)
Joakim "Jocke E." Ramsell - Guitar (Pär Lindh Project, R.F.P., Carola, Brolle Jr., Darin, Markoolio, Sanna Nielsen)
Ulf "Uffe" Ihrsén - Guitar, Keyboards
Johan Lindblom - Bass
SURRENDER was formed in 1988/89. The band recorded a private single in 1991 and released a cassette album entitled 'U Don't Have 2 B Rich' in 1992. SURRENDER split in 1993 when Nils other band THRASH INC won Rock SM. THRASH INC later became CLENCH and Nils was also in SIXCOVEREDKISSSONGS. Joakim and Nils have both played together in RFP and PÄR LINDH PROJECT. Joakim has also played with popstars like Carola, Brolle Jr, Darin, Markoolio, and Sanna Nielsen (his fiancée).
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Thanks to Uffe for the help with line-up.
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