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Shere Khan (Swe)

Shere Khan (Swe)
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Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Daniel "V. Zangger" Borch - Vocals (On The Rox, Alien, Dannie N' Rox, Crosstalk)
Kai "Le Thola" Lehtola - Guitar (On The Rox, X-Tra)
Thomas "Mowgli" Skogsberg - Guitar (On The Rox, Dead Allison) R.I.P.
Mats "Richard" Lindbergh - Bass (On The Rox, Dannie N' Rox)
Stefan "Stephan Kayson" Knutsson - Drums (On The Rox)
Hard Rock act from Eskilstuna. Released a full-lenght album on the Mill Records label in 1985 and was featured on the CD sampler 'Metal Hammer of Scandinavia (1988). SHERE KHAN later moved to Stockholm and changed name to ON THE ROX, adding CRYSTAL PRIDE member Krister Taimi on keyboards/guitar. Daniel Borch released a solo single in 1990 under the name DANNIE N' ROX and later played with ALIEN and CROSSTALK.

Trivia: Crosstalk attended Melodifestivalen 1999 with the song "Det Gäller Dej och Mej" and 2003 with the song "Stronger". Today, Daniel runs the organization Voice Centre were he coach and produces material for artists such as Carola, Anna Bergendahl, Andreas Grega, Anton Ewald, Arash, Christer Lindarw och After Dark, Danny Saucedo, Lykke Li, Mikael Persbrandt, Ola Salo, Rednex, Rennie Mirro, Hanna Lindblad, Sarah Dawn Finer, Shirley Clamp etc.
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