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Missing in Discography
- Demo, 1986 ("Tomorrow" etc)
- Demo, 1988 ("Let Me Out" etc)

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Tension (Swe)

Tension (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


1986 - 1989
Johnny Söderkvist - Vocals
Peter Nilsson - Guitar (Funfair)
Radis Davis - Bass
Christer Wolfbrandt - Drums (Freegit, Heavy Crew, Nightmare, Vixen, Aveny, Funfair)
Magnus Eriksson - Keyboards (EKG?, Funfair)
Former / Past Members
Annette Lökholm - Vocals
Eva - Vocals
Urban Wallgren
Melodic / AOR act from Kungälv formed in 1986. The early line-up featured female vocalist Anette Lökholm which they recorded at least one demo with. She was later replaced by Eva for the single 'Running Away'. After the single Johnny Söderkvist took over the vocal duties and they recorded another demo in 1988. The song "Let Me Out" from the tape was sent in to Rock-SM where it was discovered by Tomas Erdtman (Europe's Manager) who promised them stardom and a good place in the competition. However the band had internal fights and three of the members left the band just before Rock-SM would take place. In panic, the singer and bassist added new members and attended the contest anyway. They went to the finals (as promised by Erdtman) but no further. The band split-up shortly afterwards. Peter, Christer & Magnus later started the cover band Funfair.
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