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Tatch (Swe)

Tatch (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Rock / Pop
Sweden (

Knippla/Hypplen, Gothenburg

1975 (as Nirvana) - 1986
Jan "Janne" Andreasson - Vocals, Guitar (Elisabeth Andreasson)
Rainer Fetscher - Guitar, Vocals
Bo "Bosse" Magnusson - Bass (The Midnight Special)
Lars "Lasse" Eliasson - Drums (Lothlorien, Crash, Born Electric, Ballard, After Beach)
Hans Larsson - Keyboards
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Melodic rockers Tatch were formed around 1975-76, originally as Nirvana. The basic line-up featured Rainer, Jan, Bo and Lars. The band landed a deal with Marcello Manci, spent a year recording an album in Vivaldi Studios. The single was released, after which Manci disappeared and the album never came out. 1985-86 the band folded. Janne is the brother of pop singer Elisabeth Andreasson. Lars runs a studio in Alingsås. The single was produced by Bernard Löhr, who used to work with Björn and Benny of ABBA fame. Eliasson later reappeared in Lothlorien, Crash and Born Electric.
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# rokcpop 2015-06-16 02:06
Greetings, someone can send me full song ** To The Radio (Tonight) ** Please I would appreciate
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