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Vain (Swe)

Vain (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (


19XX - 1988
Official Website
Jonas "Jorre" Eliasson - Vocals (Vaihn, Human Flesh)
Håkan "Hågge" Eriksson - Guitar (Loud'n Proud, Vaihn, Human Rage, Woodstock, Dead Dry River)
Patrik "Putte" Nilsson - Bass (Vaihn)
Sven "Svenne" Schönfeldt - Drums (Far North, Vaihn, Human Flesh)
Robert "Robban" Lindqvist - Keyboards (Vaihn)
Former / Past Members
Kenny Lindal - Vocals (Dream)
Vain attended Rock-SM 1987 and came to the semi finals together with Hexagon. The following year they contributed to the 'R & R' compilation with the song "Watching You". After Vain disbanded, Håkan Ericsson and Patrik Nilsson moved to Stockholm were they played with various bands. Sven Schönfeldt have played in Far North and are today active in the cover band Human Flesh together with Jonas Eliasson. Vain reformed ca 2013 under the name Vaihn.
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