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Witch Blade (Swe)

Witch Blade (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Kristinehamn, Storfors

2011 - present
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Joacim "Witchhunter" Lindblom - Vocals, Bass (Insane)
Erik "Witchlover" Kristhammar - Guitars (Insane)
André "Witchburner" Halonen - Drums
Swedish Heavy Metal, dirtier, more evil and dangerous than anything else!
Interview (from

Hello - can you tell us briefly how the band got formed ? And what were/are the motivations ?
Witch Blade was formed sometime around 2011/2012. It was me (Witchlover) and Witchhunter who wanted to play classic Heavy Metal, so we formed Witch Blade. At the time we listen a lot to Tokyo Blade and Angel Witch, that’s why we named the band Witch Blade. After a while we decided to start rehearse with the band so we asked or friend Witchburner if he wanted to play the drums, and he said yes!

You all look pretty young... how did you get into Heavy-Metal and what are the bands that definitely influenced you and gave you the will to start your own band ?
Yeah we are quite young. I got into metal through a friend’s father who is a big Kiss fan. He showed me his Kiss collection and I was trapped! I also got into some cool music through my father, like Pink Floyd, Neil Young and that classic stuff. Me and Witchhunter also discovered a lot of metal music together. We live on the same street and we have been friends since we were really young. I remember how we used to play air guitar and sing along to Iron Maiden’s first record in his old bedroom. I also remember when I discovered Slayer and wanted to show him the song Angel of Death, I was a little bit skeptical at first too, but I decided to show him the song anyway. I said “listen to this crazy stuff”, turned on the music and we listen for some seconds, then we both looked at each other and shacked or heads and I turned off the music. Hahaha. We thought it was too extreme but a few months later we played in a thrash band together.

Is WITCHBLADE your first band or were you playing before in other bands ?
No, we play and have played in a lot of different bands. We have played in bands since we started first class. Witchburner though, has never been in a band before. So for him Witch Blade is his first band ever.

You released in 2013 a first demo, then a 7"EP.. and now you're releasing your first album "Oskuldernas Eld"... what are the labels you're working with.. I saw it is available on CD as well as Vinyl LP..
Yes, the demo was released as a home printed tape at first. Then or friends at Levitate Records wanted to release it as a pro-printed tape. It felt natural to work with Levitate Records for the single too, Hamartia Records who we worked with before with other bands joined the release too which was great! When we started to work with the album we got in touch with the American label Swords & Chains Records who told us they wanted to release the album on CD. For the LP release we choose to work with the German label Dying Victims Productions. Both those labels are great to work with! The album will be released on tape through Levitate Records in December too, that will be cool!

Can you tell us more on the musical content of the album ? How could you describe the album compared to the past band releases ?
"Oskuldernas Eld" is a raw and evil album. It’s kind of straight forward Heavy/Speed metal. I think the album is quite the same thing that we did on the early releases.

How have been the reactions of the medias so far ?
The reactions form the media have been quite small. We have got some reviews, mostly great ones. But we have heard a lot of great response form fans all over the world who like the music. That’s feels great.

I noticed you're singing exclusively in swedish.. that's really unusual.. most of swedish HM bands are doing it in english.. why this choice ?
We decided to sing in Swedish almost form the start. We wrote some lyrics in English, but those songs were never rehearsed. We think it’s great to sing in Swedish because we really like other Heavy Metal bands who sing in their native langue like Aria, Jonah Quizz, Sortilège and so on.

Well.. what about live-performances.. Have you got the opportunities to play live alot ? How was it ? Do you have plan,s for future shows right now ?
Yes, at first we said that we wouldn’t play live shows but when we released the album we got so excited and started to ask a few promoters that we knew and then we got the chance to open up for Black Trip in Karlstad. That was a great show and then we have done two shows in our hometown. We will start playing more shows in 2016 and hopefully even more when the next album is released.

I know you're currently working on a new album to be out somewhere in 2016... can you tell us a bit about it ? How do you think that new album will sound like ?
Yes that’s correct. We have started to work with the next album and we got around five songs ready. But we have some BIG ideas about this album so I think it will take some time to finish it up. I think the next album will sound a bit “bigger”. More twin-guitars and so on. It will be a lot more worked through then the first album.

Thanks alot for your time.. the last words are yours ...
Thanks to you ! Keep support the underground !
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