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- Still Hiding, Unreleased Album 1983? (cassette exists)

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Balthazar (Swe)

Balthazar (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock / Inventive Rock
Sweden (

Furulund, Kävlinge

1979 - 1983
Official Website
Peter Türsch - Vocals (Stonepepper, Mad Invasion)
Stefan Rydberg - Guitars
Jörgen Hansson - Guitar
Mikael Johansson - Bass
Ronny Persson - Drums
Kent Persson - Keyboards
Melodic / HR act formed 1979 in Furulund, Malmö, Sweden by Stefan Rydberg (guitar), Jörgen Hansson (guitar), Mikael Johansson (bass) and Björn Svensson (drums). Björn left the band in 1980 and was replaced with Ronny Persson. Kent Persson joined on keyboards around the same time. Peter Türsch joined 1 year later on vocals and BALTHAZAR was completed. Peter had earlier played with STONEPEPPER and MAD INVASION (the latter recorded a split-single with HIGH LEVEL which was never released due to the Studio going burst).

BALTHAZAR had big local success and played local rock festivals / rock clubs and even supported TOMAS LEDIN in Dagstorp.The band recorded their debut LP 'Hiding In the Closet' in 1982 followed by the single 'Can't Cry Easy / Soldier of Love' in 1983. The band disbanded shortly afterwards. Peter was offered a spot as lead singer for SILVER MOUNTAIN. However he was a huge JOURNEY fan and thought SILVER MOUNTAIN wasn’t slick enough and felt way too messy so he turned it down. BALTHAZAR recorded a 2nd album entitled 'Still Hiding' but it was never released. Only a cassette copy exists.

Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Formed in 1979. Peter was ex-Stonepepper and Mad Invasion, the latter recorded a split-single with High Level which was never released due to the Studio going bust. The band split due to musical differences. Peter was offered the spot as lead singer in Silver Mountain but turned it down as the music was a bit too "messy" (Peter was a huge Journey fan). He later wrote material for revues.
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