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-=HAVEN=- (Swe)

-=HAVEN=- (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Metal
Sweden (


? - present
Official Website
Patrik Axelsson - Vocals, Keyboard (Chiron, Line Up, Reckless, Chapter IX)
Thomas Ricketts - Guitars
Jens Nordström - Bass
Robert Serghini - Drums
Melodic Rock/Metal act from Stockholm, Sweden featuring CHIRON vocalist Patrik Axelsson.
HAVEN released their debut album 'Asylum' digitally on Spotify and Itunes in 2012.

-=HAVEN=- Official Bio
Patrik is the former singer of the band RECKLESS and LINE UP. Earlier signed at Toshiba Emi Ltd in Japan in the early 90s.

Thomas has been involved in various projects stretching from Argentinian Tango to Big Band Jazz and of course heavy metal bands through out the years. With influences from Blackmore to Bach, Thomas has created his own style of playing his weapon of choice...the guitar

Jens hits the bass like a ten ton hammer. He's playing skills are one of a kind. Jens has studied studio tech and producing at Studio Blue in Enskede, Stockholm.

Rob is a crazy rock n roll drummer who has played for over 30 years. Rob has also participated in many demos and recordings as a studio musician from the mid-80s until today. Rob stands for heavy drums and a bombastic sound that hits hard in the chest.
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