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Reckless (Swe)

Reckless (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1993 - XXXX
Patrick Axelsson - Vocals (Chiron, Line Up, -=HAVEN=-)
Robert Monegrim - Guitars (Stonfrog, Cellout, Explode)
Magnus Östborg - Bass
Stefan Orhamn - Drums (Stonfrog, Cellout, Jaded Heart (Ger))
Johan Romert - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Robert Fransson - Bass
Björn "Åsa" Åsander – Keyboards (Chiron, Line Up, Station)
RECKLESS was formed in 1993 and came out of the band LINE UP who started a few years earlier with Patrick Axelsson as frontman and lead singer. LINE UP had their debut rock album "Lucky One" released 1992 and toured all over Sweden. When guitarplayer Robert Monegrim and drummer Stefan Orhamn joined, the band put on a heavier style and the band changed a few members and finally changed name and became - RECKLESS. The music they were looking for was heavy guitar riffs with very melodic choruses and large choirs. RECKLESS went in to the studio the summer 1993 and made a demo CD containing three songs. Four weeks later they got a record deal. Since the band only had three songs at the time, they started composing music and writing lyrics day and night to complete the album. The music is melodic heavy rock and very powerful.

1995 drummer Stefan went to Greece and performed for three years with Michael Bormann from JADED HEART he also appeared on german TV with JADED HEART 1998.
Robert performed with heavy metal band EXPLODE in Sweden at the time, but the boys have now found their way back and writes music together again. Last two boys to join the band were Magnus Östborg bass and Johan Romert keybords. 1994 the album "Reckless" was released in Japan only. It was produced by Quint Starkie who is one of the greatest and most well known composers in Sweden! The very sought after album is now released in Europe, finally! The release on MTM CLASSIX features 3 bonus Tracks "Livin' Without You", "Hot Sweet Lovin'" and "Give Her A Sign".
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