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In Action (Swe)

In Action
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Mogata, Söderköping

1980 - 198X
Håkan Urdell - Vocals (The Paperheads)
Per "Uggla" Hanqvist - Guitar
Thomas "Nille" Nilsson/Haag - Guitar (Daggaschooa)
Larsa Larsson - Bass
Tomas "Tjuppen" Nilsson - Drums
Formed 1980 in Mogata, Söderköping by Håkan Urdell (vocals), Per Hanqvist (guitar), Larsa Larsson (bass), and Tjuppen Nilsson (drums). The band rehearsed at their school and at the old rest-home in Mogata. They played live at school dances in their hometown, St Anna and Sörping. They also attended a rock-contest at the Ramunder school where Dame Fortune won the first prize. Tomas "Nille" Nilsson later joined the band as second guitarist and a demo was recorded in 1981. It included the 5 tracks "Heavy Metal", "Skolan Är Tråkig", "Göteborgsrock", "Spritens Död" and "Thome Times".
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