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- Demo, 1994 ("Soldiers of Glory", "Make Me Feel Good", etc)
- Rehearsal, 1996 ("Time for Changes" etc)

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Krakatau (Swe)

Band Info
Heavy Metal


1994 - 1997
Johan Sibelius - Vocals, Guitar (Sign, Screaming Silence, FaithfulGrace, Hrdroxbandet, S i B E L i U S)
Patrik Sundin - Guitars
Miko Rydn - Bass (Enforce, Screaming Silence, Megalaw, Amorphous Prophecy, Hrdroxbandet)
Niclas Jerberg - Drums (Lezlie Peace, Livin' Parazite, Beer Belly Boys, Revengia, Seven Seas, Witchtale, Croam)
Former / Past Members
Christer "Ville" Jonsson - Guitars
Robert "Rob" Duphorn - Guitars
Heavy act from Falkenberg. Recorded at least one demo in 1994 and a rehearsal tape in 1996.
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