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New Brand (Swe)

New Brand (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal (early) / Melodic Metal / AOR (later)
Sweden (


1982 - 1985, 1988 - 1989

Daniel Taylan (1988 - 1989) - Vocals, Bass (Big Area)
Thomas "Sandy Russel" Jörlöv (1982 - 1989) - Guitars (Stormbringer, Phoenix, Mansson (guest text-writer))
Frank Roxenby  (1988 - 1989) - Drums
Stefan Roxenby (1988 - 1989) - Keyboards

Former / Past Members
Peter Johansson (1988 - 1989) - Vocals
Johan "Jordan B. Riche / Rudy B Jade / Stakka Bo" Renck (1982 - 1985) - Vocals (Phoenix, New Brand)
Thomas "Greg Alize" Ahlberg (1982 - 1985)  - Guitar (Stormbringer, Phoenix, Pleasure Avenue)
Jonas "West Jacksson" Westerlund - Guitars (Phoenix)
Claes "Mitch Tammer" Wallin (1979 - 1985) - Bass (Stormbringer, Phoenix, Pleasure Avenue, Bai Bang, Double T)
Jonas "Rick Robin" Åkerlund - Bass (Phoenix)
Jonas "Jake Langsome" Langebro (1979 - 1985) - Drums (Phoenix, New Brand, Bai Bang)
Formed as STORMBRINGER in the early 80's. STORMBRINGER changed their name to PHOENIX in 1986 and a 4-track demo-tape was recorded. They changed their name again later that year to NEW BRAND. A second demo was recorded in 1986 (8-tracks). In 1987 the band changed their name back to PHOENIX. Later recorded the song "Lonely" under the name NEW BRAND for the compilation album 'Rock of Sweden Volume 1 (1989)'.

The 1986 demo was reviewed in the french zine: L'ame de Fond #7. Here is a translation of what was written: Straight from Sweden here is the demo of the year. Super production, music style similar to PRETTY MAIDS, FIFTH ANGEL and OVERDRIVE. Hard, rhythmic, melodic and hooking, which fully reflect the technical musicians. The solos are heavy. Perfect music, with very good soaring vocals more or less comparable to P. Monteiro of STEEL ANGEL..
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