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Olga (Swe)

Olga (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Rock / Rock / New Wave

Tannefors, Linkping

Staffan Karlsson - Vocals, Guitars, Bass (Olga Srk)
Lars "Lasse" Kvarnstrm - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Organ (Olga Srk)
Bengt Druid - Drums, Percussion (Bwana, Olga Srk, Jump)
David Engstrm - Keyboard, Piano, Trumpet, French Horn, Percussion (Olga Srk)
Pierre Sundin - Trombone, Percussion (Olga Srk)
The story of Olga starts in the early 80's when members of Jump/Bwana and Asfalt formed the band Olga Srk. After two single releases Olga Srk changed line-up and shortened the name to Olga. Olga released the LP '...Ur Mitt Liv' in 1990 and a self-titled CD in 1994. They also had the song "D r Allt ver" featured on the compilation 'En Enda Jord, 1991'.
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