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- Demo, 1991

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Paradise (Swe / Kristinehamn)

Paradise (Swe / Kristinehamn)
Band Info
Female Fronted / AOR / Melodic Rock
Sweden (


1986 - 199X
Official Website

Göran Edqvist - Vocals (Simson)
Stefan Ögren - Guitar (Dizzy)
Gordon Danielsson - Bass (Camillas Bockrock, Que, Angelzone, Army of Covers)
Urban Greijer - Drums (Angelzone)
Mats Ögren - Keyboards (Dizzy, Angelzone)

Former / Past Members
Sofia Pettersson - Vocals (Angelzone)
Bengt-Olof Rönning - Guitar (Dizzy, Malice, Raindrop, Yukon, Camillas Bockrock, Que, Angelzone, Army of Covers)
Formed as ANGELZONE in 1985, changed name to PARADISE in 1986. After the single the members changed and at one point the lead singer was Göran Edquist from Simson. They recorded a demo in 1991 but have now split. Bengt moved to Umeå, autumn 1988.
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