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Quadruple (Swe)

Quadruple (Swe)
Band Info
Hard / Heavy / Groove / Alternative / Thrash Metal
Sweden (

Eslöv, Malmö

1987 - present
Johnny Lundgren - Vocals, Guitar
Dan Lundgren - Guitars
Danne Johansson - Bass
Anders Swanholm  - Drums
Former / Past Members
Patrik Bengtsson - Bass
Tony Petrovic - Bass (Ulcer, SOS)
Mats Björklund - Drums (Aces High)
Richard Cox Ekman - Drums (Avenue, Sannex)
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Heavy rockers with lots of interesting ideas and arrangements. They were formed around 1987 by brothers Johnny and Dan and were previously known as Sidewinder. Drummer Mats Björklund from Aces High play on the single. The band later recorded a demo, where they had sharpened their sound and attitude and was more or less a power metal-unit. The cover on the single was made by Dick Qwartforth (Nasty Idols' bass-player). After some years of silence the band returned with the self-titled album. The line-up still featurd the Lundgrens, while bass player Patrik Bengtsson had been replaced by Danne Johansson and the drums were handled by Anders Swanholm.

Note: The word "Quadruple" is defined as "Being four times as big, as long, or as many of something."
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