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Team Custard (Swe)

Team Custard (Swe)
Band Info
Blues Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (

Knutby, Uppsala

1985 - 1987
Ove Eriksson - Vocals
Tomas "Chappe" Lindh - Guitar (Flame Fiddlers)
Joakim "Jocke" Stoor - Bass
Jonas Stoor - Drums
Former / Past Members
Magnus Alkarp - Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica
Bosse Lindmark - Guest/Session Vocals (Avenue, Dalton, R.A.W., The Playboys, The Sidemen)
Blues / Hard Rock act from Uppsala. Released a 7" single on the small label Studio 55 in 1986. Magnus Alkarp are today a author, musician, archaeologist and historian. Thomas Lindh works as a seller at Wrt.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Team Custard was formed in 1985 out of the remains of the proggier band Riskzon. They recorded some demos, and the single track "Loyal Ulster" was actually an old Riskzon song which, through a friend of the band who brought it on cassette to Belfast, was used in a town rally and even got confiscated. The band originally wanted an Irish-sounding singer, but settled for Swede Magnus. However, the higher notes were sung by Dalton/R.A.W. singer Bosse Lindmark. Magnus later became a renowed archeologist and writer. He was replaced by Ove Eriksson who only recorded a couple of demos with the band before they disbanded in 1987. They were actually mostly known as Custard. Tomas later played with various cover bands and the band Flame Fiddlers together with Richard Sporrong and Mats Blomstrand (Steve Eastside).
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