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- Demo, 198x ("City Nights", "Loving You", "Hit & Run", "Girls On The Avenue", "Lookin' At Love" etc)

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Avenue (Swe / Uppsala)

Avenue (Swe / Uppsala)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


Bosse Lindmark - Vocals (Team Custard (guest), Dalton, R.A.W., The Playboys, The Sidemen)
Mikael "Lekis" Lekhammar - Guitar (Vision, Zan Clan?)
Lars "Lasse" Bjurhäll - Guitar (Play)
Thomas "Schönan" Schön - Bass (Spellbound, Panama Red)
Rickard Cox - Drums (Quadruple, Sannex)
Not to be confused with Avenue (Karlshamn), Avenue (Örebro), Avenue (Sthlm), Avenue (Timrå) or Avenue (Varberg).

A melodic HR band featuring Bosse Lindmark (of Dalton) and Thomas Schön (recorded some material with Spellbound in the very beginning of their career). Avenue recorded at least one demo in the 80's featuring songs such as "City Nights", "Girls On The Avenue", "Hit & Run" etc.
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