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Barrelhouse (Swe)

Barrelhouse (Swe)
Band Info
Hard / Heavy Rock
Sweden (


1979 - 1987, 1993 - 1999
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Hans "Hasse" Fröberg - Vocals (Spellbound, Solid Blue, The Flower Kings, Hasse & Fröberg & Musical Companion)
Martin Högvall - Guitar (Dead Slow)
Jan "Janne Olander - Bass (Dead Slow, Solid Blue)
Björn Nilsson - Drums
Kjell "Kjelle" Haraldsson - Keyboards

Former / Past Members
Adam Johansson/Dahlberg - Bass (Elexir)
Rikard Zander - Keyboards (Solid Blue, Evergrey, Death Destruction)
Olle Sundin - Keyboards
Martin Högvall and Björn Nilsson formed Barrelhouse in the spring of 1979. In the autumn of the same year the single "Far Away / Come on Down" was recorded and released with Adam Johansson on bass, and Hasse Fröberg on vocals.

In 1980 Adam Johansson left the band to pursue a career in jazz. He was replaced by bassist Janne Olander. Hasse Fröberg went on to form the Heavy Metal outfit ..Spellbound.. (and later on Solid Blue). During the early 80's Barrelhouse played as a power trio with Martin Högvall on vocals. The music consisted of mainly original material with inclusions of covers by Led Zeppelin, The Who and ZZ Top. The live work always leaned heavily on the improvisational skills of the three members

In 1986 Björn Nilsson moved to Austin, Texas, and the band was put on ice for some time, but not before playing one final gig where again Hasse Fröberg handled the vocals. Martin Högvall and Janne Olander went on to form the interim group Ded Slow with drummer Palle Isaksson and guitarist/singer Jocke Lindahl (now of ..Fatboy.. fame)

1993 saw the return of Björn Nilsson to Sweden and Barrelhouse. With Janne Olander being busy holding down the bass spot in Solid Blue (alongside Hasse Fröberg), the band mainly concentrated on recording demos with different musicians, with the occasional gig included

It wasn't until the autumn of 1995 that Barrelhouse returned in full force, again seeing Hasse Fröberg behind the microphone, and Janne Olander holding down the bass. The band reformed at the legendary, now defunct, Swedish rock venue Rackis, also enrolling Solid Blue's keyboardist ..Rikard Zander.. (now of ..Evergrey.. fame). The music now acquired a definite Zeppelinesque flavour

1996–1999 Barrelhouse played on with Olle Sundin, and later on Kjelle Haraldsson, replacing Rikard Zander. Recordings for a full-length CD were initiated, but the recordings were never completed. In the autumn of 1999 Björn Nilsson announced his plans of returning to the USA, and the band decided to fold after playing one Last Stand in November of the same year.
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