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Subluna (Swe)

Subluna (Swe)
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Hard Rock / Blues / Boogie Rock

Lngsele, Graninge

XXXX - present
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Thomas Sidn/Zidn - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica (Four Roses, Krix Krax, Clifftones, Albummakers, Dara Dagger, Wammas Bluesband, Ziden & Beck Band, Jimmy gren Band, Ziden & Boner, Eivon Nordin, Charlies Bar Lanzarote, Kamel Utan Framtid, Yuppies From Hell, Le groove de Zid, Sideline, Frdelsen, Halva Priset, Blues Brew, Disponenterna, Heavy Train)
Thomas Mikaelsson - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Christian Frost - Guitar, Vocals
David Bodn - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Hkan Larsson - Drums
Zeke - Harmonica
Former / Past Members
Christer Nordlander - Vocals (Firework, Four Roses, Coversnake, Sunflower)
SUBLUNA (also known as MOONLIGHT BOOGIE BAND) contributed with the songs "Knocking At Your Door" and "Heavy Fog" on the Pang compilation 'Hgtryck (1982)'. Also released a single in 1987 entitled 'Over Fance / Woman'. The band are still active as a blues / boogie rock band.
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