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Tradore (Swe)

Tradore (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Thrash / Doom Metal
Sweden (


1986-1988 (changed name)
Tina "Miller" Möller/Gunnarsson - Vocals (Hexed, Detained, Tina & Teddy, Mellow Poetry, Loch Vostok (guest), Mayadome (guest), Wasteland (guest), Wuthering Heights (guest), Diztord (guest), Tapirerna (guest))

Michael "Mick" Hahne - Guitar (Misery Loves Co., Cardiac Arrest, Lost Souls, Valley of the Dead)

Stefan "Steph Genesis" Fagerlund - Guitar (Zin 'n' Zin)

Patrik "Proffer/Honda" Nilsson - Bass (Vivaldis Disciples)

Teddy "Ted Miller" Möller - Drums (Vivaldis Disciples, Hexed, Detained, Tina & Teddy, Loch Vostok, One Hour Hell, The Hidden, Wuthering Heights, Flagellation, Mayadome, Mellow Poetry, Anima Morte, Satans Kadaver, F.K.Ü., Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons, Tormention)
Formed in 1986 by Patric and Stefan. They released their first demo "Beyond the Shadows" in spring of 1987 and was recorded April the same year. The name Tradore comes from the word "Trafaldimore" which is a kind of heavenly glass. Tradore changed name to Rue Morgue in 1988.
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