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Zonic Attack (Swe)

Zonic Attack (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (

Bålsta, Håbo

1976 - ca 1981, 2013, 2014 (reunion)
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Janne "Yanaha" Lidström - Vocals, Bass (Kremlin's Inn, Monroe, Suzie's Bruises, Gusten & the Demens)
Johan Petersson - Guitar
Per-Erik "Pärra" Wallberg - Guitar (Suzie's Bruises)
Ulf "Uffe" Lidström - Drums (Monroe)
Former / Past Members
Mange Andrée - Vocals (Monroe)
Lennart Svensson - Vocals
Johnny Öhlin - Guitar (Nation)
Hans Brolin - Guitar
Micke Eklind - Guitar
Formed as Zonic Attack in 1976 by Janne Lidström, Lennart Svensson, Micke Eklind, Uffe Lidström and Hans Brolin. The band later replaced the guitarists Hans & Micke with Johan Petersson & Johnny Öhlin and shortened the name to Zonic (ca 1981). Lennart also left the band around the same time and Janne took over the vocal duties. Zonic recorded some material in the early 80's before changing name again to Monroe.

Zonic Attack did a reunion concert in 2013 at Borgen Cinema, Bålsta.
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