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Greasy Saddles (Swe)

Greasy Saddles (Swe)
Band Info
Sleazy Hard Rock (early) / Country Rock (later)
Sweden (


1989 - present
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Hans Rosander - Vocals, Guitar
Mats "Matte" Norberg - Vocals, Guitar (Quest, Magic, Backstreet Blue, Bonefish, Xanima, Jop Cava?)
Niklas Böhme - Guitar, Piano, Accordion
Per "Perten" Lefvert - Bass
Jens Rosander - Drums (Primitives)
Patrik Lindqvist - Hammond Organ, Piano, Keys
Former / Past Members
Peter Beckman - Vocals, Guitar (Primitives, The Repeatles)
Christoffer Tideström - Vocals
Anders Kahn - Vocals, Guitar
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Greasy Saddles came out of cover band Million Dollar Quartet. Beckman and Rosander were also in The Primitives. In 1989, they changed their name to Greasy Saddles. Greasy, sleaze-influenced, southern-sounding hard rock, quite similar to Havana Black Gringos Locos or a mix of Molly Hatchet and AC/DC. In 1991 Pete was sacked and replaced by singer/songwriter Christoffer Tideström. The band continued in silence but popped up again in 2011, now in a more southern-sounding, almost country-rock influenced vein. The line-up still features Hans, Jens and Per, now reinforced with Matte Norberg (g/v), Patrik Lindqvist (k) and Niklas Böhme (g/v and accordion). Beckman is now found in Beatles cover band The Repeatles.
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