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Magic (Swe)

Magic (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / AOR
Sweden (

Brunflo, Östersund

1989 - 1996
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Christer Åsell - Vocals (220 Volt, Donnerblitz, Inzight, Jamt Aid, Empire, Pipeline)
Leif Carlsson - Guitar (Backstreet Blue, Fair Play)
Torgny Östlund - Bass (Backstreet Blue)
Sigge Kron - Drums (Central, Backstreet Blue)
Dan Hellström - Keyboard (Turkey Twisters)
Former / Past Members
Morgan Eklöv - Vocals (Backstreet Blue)
Mats "Matte" Norberg - Guitar (Quest, Greasy Saddles, Backstreet Blue, Bonefish, Xanima, Jop Cava?)
Formed in 1985 as Backstreet Blue by Carlsson, Östlund, Kron (ex-Central), singer Morgan Eklöv and guitarist Mats Norberg. Eklöv and Norberg quit the band in 1989 and was replaced by former 220 Volt singer Christer Åsell and keyboardist Dan Hellström. Because of name similarities with Backstreet Boys, they changed it to Magic. They released the MCD 'Shadows On The Wall' in 1994 and contributed with the song "Live For Each Other" on the 'Best Unsigned European Bands Compilation' in 1995. Carlsson later played with Fair Play and works as a producer, Hellström are in Turkey Twisters, Östlund a teacher and Åsell was in the reunited 220 Volt for a while.
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