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Jackwave (Swe)

Jackwave (Swe)
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Heavy Metal


1985 - 1988
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Jan "Janne" Persson - Vocals
Jan "Janne" Grunditz - Guitar
Johan Pettersson - Guitar, Bass (Transylvania, Arabian Hugs)
Mats Heinebck - Bass
Mathias Abrahamsson - Drums

Former / Past Members
Mikael "Abbe" Sjstrm - Vocals (Airborne, Rubycon, Arabian Hugs)
Benke Broman - Vocals (Arabian Hugs)
Toni Lindgren - Guitar, Vocals (Transylvania, Arabian Hugs)
Fredric Linderoth - Guitar (Arabian Hugs)
Tommy Johnsson - Bass (Airborne)
Bjrn "Bnne" Holstensson - Bass
Stefan Axelsson - Drums (Airborne, Transylvania, Arabian Hugs, L-R 500)
JACKWAVE was a later formation of AIRBORNE. Later changed name to TRANSYLVANIA. Released a single in 1986 on the Platina label. A second single was also recorded but never released, only 2 test presses exists.

Official Biography from 'King of the Sea, Compilation 2020'
I moved back to stergtland after a few years with Airborne from Nssj. I ended up in Boxholm and met Fredric Linderoth, a guitarist from Motala. We started planning a rockband and Fredric introduced me to the one I still consider the best of guitarists, Tony Lindgren. Together with a young guy from Boxholm (15 years old), Johan Pettersson, on bass and blues singer from Motala, Benke Broman, we started the group Arabian Hugs. We rehearsed in Fredrick father's summer cottage out on Rssns. In the winter of '85 we practiced "Wardance" and "Fight for Your Life". The only source of heat we had in the cottage was an open fireplace, so we built a sledge to transport firewood and instruments to the rehearsals since there was no road the last mile. We recorded the songs in the CWC studio in Norrkping after consistent training.

We later changed singer for the song "Wardance" to Abbe from Airborn since we wanted a heavier and more aggressive sound. Then the band moved to Boxholm and I suggested changing the name to Jackwave. Toni, Johan and I continued with Abbe and Tommy (Airborne) during the next demo that was recorded in Linkping. After some member changes after Toni quit, we got a vinyl single-contract. I knew Nssj guitarist Janne Grunditz from the years with Airborne, I recruited him, and he knew Janne Person who became the new vocalist of the band.

From Mjlby we got the skilled Bjrn "Bnne" Holstensson to play the bass. With that line-up, we got into the studio and recorded Toni's compositions "King of the Sea" and "I'll Be There" and all was recorded on vinyl '86. We played a gig which is available in lousy quiality on Youtube. Before the gig, we had some changes in the crew and Toni was back in the band, who was reluctantly the vocalist.

Personally, I think this line-up was the one that made Jackwave become, aggressively, straight, simple, melodious and with a heavy attitude. It was exactly the sound I was looking for.

In 1987 Toni, Bnne and I quit Jackwave and Johan was now in charge of the band. Toni and I started a new band (Transylvania) with bass player Lasse Grunditz, but that is another story.

Johan continued Jackwave with the "Jannes", Mats Heinebck on bass and Mathias Abrahamsson on drums. They had many gigs with this line-up and a recording session that unforunately only resulted in two test press-plates. Jackwave's story ends roughly here and was never resumed.

Sincerly Stefan Axelsson, drummer and founder.
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Albums (6)
Songs (27)
# Song Album
1 Wardance Demo
2 No Feelings Demo
3 Fast Breath (Instrumental) Demo
4 King of the Sea King of the Sea / I'll Be There
5 I'll Be There King of the Sea / I'll Be There
6 Fight For Your Life Demo
7 Wardance Demo
8 King of the Sea Live at Stenbocken Sporthall
9 The Stranger (Instrumental) Live at Stenbocken Sporthall
10 Heart Live at Stenbocken Sporthall
11 Working Man Live at Stenbocken Sporthall
12 Fast Breath (Instrumental) Live at Stenbocken Sporthall
13 I'll Be There Live at Stenbocken Sporthall
14 Bellman (Instrumental) Live at Stenbocken Sporthall
15 No Feelings Live at Stenbocken Sporthall
16 Wardance Live at Stenbocken Sporthall
17 Rising Star Rising Star / Release Me
18 Release Me Rising Star / Release Me
19 Wardance ('86) King of the Sea
20 No Feelings King of the Sea
21 Fast Breath (Instrumental) King of the Sea
22 King of the Sea King of the Sea
23 I'll Be There King of the Sea
24 Rising Star King of the Sea
25 Release Me King of the Sea
26 Fight for Your Life King of the Sea
27 Wardance ('87) King of the Sea
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