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Marcus Brutus Band (Swe)

Marcus Brutus Band (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Forsbacka, Gävle

1979 - 1983
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Christer Jonsson - Vocals
Peter Carlberg - Guitar (Wildborn, Bigfoot)
Jan "Janne" Sjödin - Guitar (Wildborn, Bigfoot, Deep Impact, Ramlösa)
Roland Persson - Bass (Persons Band)
Bo "Bosse" Törnhult - Drums, Vocals (Wildborn, Bigfoot, Deep Impact, Touch, Rugged, the B.O.P.P.A Project )

Former / Past Members:
Tomas "Mike Uum" Musial - Guitar (King Size)

Formed in 1979 and released a single on Pang Records in 1983. Reformed as WILDBORN in 1985. Tomas Musial of KING SIZE was a member of the band for a short period. Roland Persson was earlier in the prog band PERSONS BAND together with WULCAN bassist Lennart Ljungdahl.

30 dec 82-knoppen forsbacka
22 mars 83-pang records stockholm
27 mars 83-gävle prison
22 april 83-localradion gävle interview
3 juni 83-forsbacka gig
4 juni 83-hedemora dalarock
12 juni 83-stenebergsparken gävle
29 juli 83-hudiksvall home (institution for mentally retarded)
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