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Metallien (Swe)

Metallien (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Sävar, Umeå

1985 - 1987
Photos / Videos
Jens Kidman - Vocals (Calipash, Meshuggah)
Fredrik Thordendal - Guitar (Calipash, Meshuggah, Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects)
Peder Gustafsson - Guitar
Jörgen Lindmark - Bass (Meshuggah)
Örjan Lundmark - Drums (Active, Shade of Grey)
Former / Past Members
Thomas Johansson - Vocals (Justice)
Erik Rosendahl - Vocals
Roger Olofsson - Vocals
Jan "Janne" Wiklund - Bass (Active)
METALLIEN was a young band from Sävar, Umeå with influences from NWOBHM and heavy metal bands like Judas Priest and Accept and eventually thrash bands like early Metallica and Anthrax. The band rehearsed at the usually so crowded "Metallicowhousea" in Sävar. The repertoire consisted of original material with songs like "Victim Of Love", "Eyes Of Ice" and "Die By The Blade".  The band existed for about 3 years and did about 30 gigs in the Umeå area. They also attended the Umeå Rockband Contest at Hagagården 1985 and 1986, where they came to the finals and a fourth place in -85 at "Examenskul, Gimoborg" with Mogg, Nasty Music and Atlantic. A 4-track demo was recorded the same year at Tonteknik Studios.

METALLIEN split in 1987 and MESHUGGAH was formed by Fredrik Thordendal – Guitars, Jens Kidman – Vocals, Johan Sjögren - Guitars, Per Sjögren - Drums and Jörgen Lindmark - Bass. Jens Kidman soon left the band and started the band CALIPASH with bassist Peter Nordin, drummer Niclas Lundgren and guitarist Torbjörn Granström. Johan Sjögren left MESHUGGAH in -88 and guitarist Jonas Lindberg took his place in the band. Fredrik Thordendal found CALIPASH’s music more in line with what he wanted to do and so left the band (leading to the dissolution of the band, as this line-up). Fredrik kind of “took” the MESHUGGAH band name with him as he joined forces with CALIPASH and they went under the MESHUGGAH name from then on...

Örjan Lindemark are today active in SHADE OF GREY fronted by GOTHAM CITY vocalist Anders Zackrisson.
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