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RKBS (Swe)

RKBS (Swe)
Band Info
Sweden (

Rotebro, Stockholm

Patrik "Kuben Quadrat" Wallin - Vocals, Guitar (Roterock, Tomterockers, The Moose Brothers)
Pelle "Wielbåvn Ågren" Lindgren - Guitar
Pelham "Berra Hulken" Söderström - Bass (Glorius Bankrobbers, Bill, Intoxication, Wilson Triggers, PelhamBrothers)
Lennart "Tage Taktmaskin" Nyberg - Drums (Roterock)
Jan "Herr Ober-Heim" Apelholm - Keyboards (Roterock)
Lake "Uncle Ben" Skoglund - Percussion, Bass (Glorius Bankrobbers, Mental Hippie Blood, Front of House)
Fredrik "Holger Holk" Erlandsson - Saxophone
Johan "Mull-Johan" Weber - Clarinet
Formed by members of ROTEROCK.

RKBS stands for RICHARD KIEL AND THE BABYSHARKZ. Pelham and Lake would later front the Sleaze Rock band GLORIUS BANKROBBERS.
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# Emil 2012-10-06 14:42
Once again thanks to Lennart for help with line-up and info!
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