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VOX (Swe)

VOX (Swe)
Band Info
Progressive Rock (early) / Powerpop / Melodic Rock / Rock (later)
Sweden (


ca 1976 - 198x
Lars-Ivar Sundström - Vocals (Shy & the Band, Galt'n, Grabbarna, LIS Band)
Stefan Forsell - Guitar (Midnight, LIVE, Ted Ström (guest))
Folke Wiklund - Bass (Piteå Havsband)
Mats Lundberg - Drums (Midnight, LIVE, Ted Ström (guest))
Gunnar Sundström - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Kenneth Wikland - Guitar (Phoenix, Nexile)
Bengt Eriksson/Edarp - Drums
Bo "Bosse" Strandberg - Trumpet (Piteå Havsband, Norrbotten Big Band)
Ralf "Rave" Lindberg - Saxophone (Piteå Havsband)
Formed in mid 70's as a progressive rock band by Bosse, Kenneth, Bengt, Ralf, Gunnar and Folke. The band later changed their style to a more commercial powerpop / melodic rock sound. VOX released two singles on the Sonet label in '82 before disbanding. Lars-Ivar Sundström was one of the people involved in the creation of the music association Ripp-Rock in Piteå. He's also the brother of the well known musician Bo "Kasper" Sundström (Bo Kaspers Orkester).

Trivia: SQUETTERS self-titled 7" EP was mixed by Stefan Forsell at VOX's studio.
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