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Mordor (Swe)

Mordor (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Doom Metal
Sweden (


19XX - 1984, 2010 (reunion)
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Claes "Classe/Ozzy" Pålsson - Vocals (Ruthless, Embryo, Speedfreak, Ruthless, Regnskog, Freaky Flowers)
Fredrik Alho - Guitar (Embryo, Speedfreak, Regnskog, Von Panzer, Moment Maniacs, Bluesbolaget)
Niclas Sköld - Guitar (Thrush)
Hans "Vette" Liljebladh - Bass (Regnskog,The Grand Station)
Robert "Robban/Hydda" Krusell - Drums (Ruthless, Airborne, Ghana, Embryo, Speedfreak, Backstage, Peterson And The Sideburns)
Former / Past Members
Magnus Larsson - Drums? (Regnskog, M.L:son Band, Bluesbolaget, Pink Mamba)
Formed as Embryo by Classe (vocals), Robban (drums), Fredrik (guitar), Rille "Drillard" Högström (guitar) and Anders Krusell (bass). The band existed for about ½ a year before being put on ice. They reformed about 2 months later under the name Speedfreak. Rille left the band shortly afterwards and Mordor was formed (name taken from the book "Lord of the Rings"). A second guitarist, Niclas Sköld joined the band and they recorded their debut demo.

Mordor did some live gigs and attended rock-contests such as Rockgalan at Skandiateatern (together with bands such as Dizziness, Bootleg, Daggashooa, Trazzel, Tric, Tox (ex-Big Hozz & The Animals), Why Not, Aston Reymers Rivaler, Wilmer X, Kalle Bah, NBF, Under Våren, Roxanne, Snagg, Front Page and Fresh Air). The band disbanded ca 1984 but reformed in 2010 for a reunion gig at Storå. Fredrik, Hans and Magnus also had a jazz/prog-rock side project with Stefan Wållberg called Regnskog.
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