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Outland (Swe)

Outland (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Söderköping / Linköping

1982 - 1985
Kenneth "Smocke" Karlsson - Vocals (Dandrough, Steelrose)
Henrik "Henka" Wistrand - Guitar
Fredrik "Fritte" Svensson - Guitar
Roger "Bogge" Svensson - Bass (Hexagon, Chained, Ghana, Rockbris, Paradise, Marduk, Allegiance, Rebelangels, Elizium, Devils Whorehouse, Moment Maniacs, Magic Carpet Ride)
Jonas Thomé - Drums (Hexagon, Chained, Paradise)
Former / Past Members
Mikael Karlsson - Guitar (Dandrough)
Pär "Pära" Hidbäck - Bass
Mikael "Nisse" Nilsson - Drums
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# Emil 2014-12-19 12:26
Thanks to Stefan W and Smocke for all help with the band!
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