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Blaise (Swe)

Blaise (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Ljunga, Söderköping

Mid/Late 80s
Niklas Hedenström - Vocals (Ghana, Grand Vision, Hammond Organ Orgy, Peking All Stars, Solid Brass)
Kricka Karlsson - Guitar (Hexagon)
Håkan Olofsson - Guitar
Nicklas "Nicke" Samuelsson - Bass (Once Around, Blueshealers, Bluesbolaget)
Paul "Palle" Nilsson - Drums (Ghana, Crystal Arrows, Blueshealers, Bie Blues Band)
Blaise was a energy-driven hard rock band influenced by Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne. They rehearsed in Ljunga, Skönberga outside of Söderköping and did some live gigs at Nya Strömmen in Norrköping and the Sports hall in Söderköping. Kricka Karlsson was earlier in Hexagon. Niklas Hedenström and Palle Nilsson later formed Ghana and added Bogge (Hexagon, Marduk etc) + Rickard Hane to the line-up.
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