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Madigan (Swe)

Madigan (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock


1989 - 1993
Official Website
Mikael "Mike Lion" Lejon - Vocals, Keyboard (Majesty?, Lacy Lucy)
Stefan Thrnblom - Guitar (Griffen, Metalorgy)
Tommy "Tomi Martell" Peltonen - Guitar (Torch, Griffen)
Tommy "Patterson" Pettersson - Bass (Vita Vatten)
Kim "Wayn/Wyn" Vrynen - Drums, Percussion (Lacy Lucy)
Former / Past Members
Conny Hall - Guitar
Kent sterlv - Keyboards
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Madigan was formed in 1989 featuring Kent sterlv on keyboards and Conny Hall on rhythm guitar. They quit in 1990, and were replaced by Stefan Thrnblom. The album was originally sold for 1 SEK (about 0.13) as a gimmick. Stefan quit during the mixing of the album. The band split in 1993, but recorded some really outstanding and heavier demos after the album. Peltonen has later played with Torch and is together with Thrnblom today in metal band Griffen. Leijon and Vrynen formed cover band Lacy Lucy and Pettersson is in the band Vita Vatten.
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